George, old chap, where are you?

You have a heart and I have a key
Lie back and let me unlock you
Those heathens you hang with down by the sea
All they want to do is defrock you
I know a river, where we can dream
It will swell up, burst it’s banks,
babe, and rock you
But if you’re gonna dine with them cannibals
Sooner or later, darling, you’re gonna get eaten
But I’m glad you’ve come around
here with your animals
And your heart that is bruised but unbeaten
And beating like a drum

• Cannibal’s Hymn – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Pretty Girls Make Graves
Brutal Boys Cry Blood
Series: Dark Academia #1 and #2
Publication months : November/December 2021

In Pretty Girls Make Graves, Georgina (who goes by George) started a really popular true crime podcast, and because of its success, she was awarded a full scholarship to the prestigious and religious college of Blackfriars. So she leaves California and heads to Britain to attend it. There she finds a group of stuck up members of a not so secret society, known as the Orpheus Society, fully interwined with greek mithology. George soon becomes their prime target for bullying. But when George senses something foul afoot, she can’t help but dig around looking for answers (and for the next season of her podcast).
In Brutal Boys Cry Blood, we see George as a regular member of the Orpheus Society, alongside with her friend Leigh. They keep digging for answers while hanging out with members of the society.

Both of the books are circling around Greek Mythology and British colleges, covering that with dark gothic vibes. I’ve learned a lot about Greek lore and i’m very happy about it, so happy that i can’t wait to read more about those characters.
George, Sebastian and William kept me on the line, always wanting for more and devouring chapter by chapter.

Violence, Homicide, Murder


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